Sunday, February 17, 2008

Few tidbits

1) City Harvest has clarified and they've received something like 1600 boxes. That's more like it... Still definitely less than NBC has received by now, but sometimes it takes time for the process to complete. The boxes have to arrive at the mail room, be sorted, and then delivered/picked up by City Harvest and/or any other charities that may be getting packages. Plus, some packages may have been damaged, and those could end up getting discarded for safety reasons. Anyway, bottom line is that hopefully everything that NBC gets is going to worthy causes.

2) As for the totals, we're now at close to $4,300 in donations. Not bad... I never thought we'd pass $1,000.

A few more tracking numbers from recent shipments (UPS):


Just FYI, they contain gift notes to Jeff Zucker: "TO: Jeff Zucker FROM: JOURNEYMAN fans. Please renew Journeyman. Please fight for good TV."

3) Journeyman "won" the poll at

41% of the 12,000+ votes went to Journeyman. Cool.

4) (a website owned by NBC and FOX) has put up episodes of Journeyman, after they were taken off of Sign up for the beta, if you haven't already, and then go to the Journeyman page to watch the episodes.

5) Again, sign up for the forums here to keep up to date:


Matt said...

Keep it going! Let's save Journeyman.

Anonymous said...

yes!!! Thank you for not giving up!!!

Rains said...

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