Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Update coming soon, join the message boards

Some more Rice-A-Roni orders are going in, and updated totals will be on the way.

Be sure to sign up at the SaveJourneyman.net message boards: http://SaveJourneyman.net/forums

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lots of updates!

Sorry for the delays! Lots of news:

New shipment of Rice-A-Roni ordered today. New totals:

Donations: $3,736
Rice-A-Roni boxes: 2,335
Estimated total weight: 875 lbs

That's just from your PayPal donations, which doesn't include all the individual mailings!

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New forums have been set up at SaveJourneyman.net. Be sure to sign up!

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The weekly Journeyman streaming event continues!

Thanks Serulous for this info:

The streaming events have been really gaining steam! Monday is our third streaming event. Pass it onto other Journeyman fan you know!! The last two Mondays, traffic was up noticeably at nbc.com. There are some really quick things you can do to make the streaming events even more effective. Send the execs a quick email, click the ads while you stream and contact the advertisers during the week. If you find advertiser contact info post it here: http://savejourneyman.net/forums/index.php/topic,5.0.html. Also post there which advertisers you saw during your stream. More details below.
Monday's (1/21) Streaming Event, Episode 3: Game Three:

-Stream Journeyman episode #3, "Friendly Skies," on Monday (1/21) on NBC.com. By request, we've added a Pacific time to stream as well. So stream at 10 p.m. EST(Journeyman's regular time-slot). and/or 10 p.m. PST (regular time for the network folks out in LA).
-If you can't make it at 10 p.m., then stream at another time on 1/21.
-Spread the word. Email other Journeyman fans. Post this info on other boards. Watch it with someone who hasn't seen the show before if you can.
-Send a quick email to the execs that you watched the show. Get creative with subject lines for emails so the emails get around filtering. As always be polite. Great example of an email sent last week below.

Jack Abernathy CEO FOX jack.abernathy@fox.com
President and Chief Executive Officer of FX Networks: peter.ligouri@fox.com
Entertainment President at FOX kevin.reilly@fox.com
Jeff Zucker CEO NBC jeff.zucker@nbcuni.com

-Let the advertisers know we're watching. They pay the bills at NBC, so it's good to let them know. Easy way? Click on the ads when you stream. A few minutes of time during the week? Send an email or call the advertisers.
-Enjoy the episode! Shouldn't be hard - it's a great episode. Comment on http://savejourneyman.net/forums/ on nbc.com afterwards.

As usual, feel free to post this on other sites, facebook groups, myspace pages, blogs, livejournal, gardening sites (just checking if people are paying attention on that last one but most sites do have a general interest section).
Here's a quote of a letter one poster emailed to the execs after the last streaming event:
Quote from: kevbo65 on January 15, 2008, 11:46:00 AMI just sent the following note to the gentlemen listed at Fox and NBC...

Subject line: Great show last night!!!

I rewatched the 2nd episode of Journeyman last night on the website at the time that it used to be on the television. This is one great show! It looks like I will become a regular viewer of this show on the web as it is excellently written and the acting is top notch...
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You can steam Journeyman at this link: http://www.nbc.com/Journeyman/video/episodes.shtml

Monday, January 14, 2008

Stream Episode two TONIGHT

Don't forget to stream episode two of Journeyman tonight at NBC.com!


Here's the link to the Journeyman videos: http://www.nbc.com/Journeyman/video/episodes.shtml

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Totals

Quick update:

$3,422 donated
1855 boxes ordered

More orders going in soon!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A few news items

We've gotten confirmation (thanks to Troy at the Journeyman fan podcast @ talkshoe) that NBC is forwarding the Rice-A-Roni to City Harvest.

Lacey Rose at Forbes.com has done a video update and written article on the Save Journeyman effort:



Stay tuned for updates.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just a quick heads up:
Shaun from ShaunOMacRadio is going to be on 'Journeyman - the first fan podcast' at 5 pm PT (8 pm EST) on Wed. 1/9/08. We Journeyman fans can learn from the successful campaign to save Jericho. Listen live at www.talkshoe.com or please call 724.444.7444 and enter talkcast ID 56095 and then it asks for a PIN, just enter # and 1 two join in! Call in, ask your questions.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Stream Journeyman tonight at NBC.com


Another order

I just ordered another 432 boxes of Rice-A-Roni (18 cases of 24).

Updated totals:

$3,012 donated
1,759 boxes of Rice-A-Roni shipped, weighing approximately 770 lbs

Don't forget: Tonight Monday, January 7th, go to NBC.com and view the pilot episode ("Love of a Lifetime") online at 10pm eastern time.

http://www.nbc.com/Journeyman/video/episodes.shtml (you'll have to scroll all the way over to the right of the thumbnail icons for each episode)

We'll be vieweing episodes in order every Monday.

Thanks to everyone who's been e-mailing me updates, and thanks to serulous for being so active and keeping me up to date with the chats.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Update and Journeyman Download Monday

Hey gang, I'm still alive. Couple quick bits:

1) Don't give up. Of course NBC is going to sound "down" on Journeyman every opportunity they can get. They're tired of the calls, letters, and hundreds of boxes of Rice-A-Roni they're getting, and it makes them look bad. They don't want to admit they're in any way responsible for the fact that a great show failed. They'd prefer it just went away quietly. Well, for now, we have to make sure it doesn't.

2) Monday, January 7th, go to NBC.com and view the pilot episode ("Love of a Lifetime") online at 10pm eastern time.


(you'll have to scroll all the way over to the right of the thumbnail icons for each episode)

3) I'll have some updates on the Rice-A-Roni donations and shipments soon.

Thanks and STAY TUNED. It's important at this time that we don't give up.