Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Big Thanks to All

Well, it's "official" - Journeyman is no more.

You can find out more at including a message from show creator Kevin Falls.

There's still a DVD release left to fight for (let's face it, it would be awesome to get a full blown DVD release), so keep sending e-mails and post cards asking for a DVD release!

We gave it a great try, and thank you to everyone that helped with this. I'd love to take some credit for the efforts, but I don't deserve any. It was the efforts of all of the people who dedicated themselves on a daily basis that deserve the thanks. They made this thing a reality, and turned a whim into something that was well beyond what I could have expected.

I do have around $250 remaining (potentially more - I still need to do some cleaning up of the numbers). The best option I see right now is to donate the money to a worthy charity, but please post a comment if you have any suggestions.

I'll probably post a poll soon about it, and be sure to spread the word so that we can come up with something good. If you have any idea how the money could go towards something related to getting Journeyman on DVD that would be great, too, but I'm reluctant to use the funds for something that won't ultimately go to charity (like a newspaper ad) since people donated under the assumption the money would also go to a good cause.

If people think one last Rice A Roni shipment with a request for a DVD relase would be a good idea, I'm all for whatever everyone thinks is best!

Again, thank you all for your hard work and dedication to Journeyman. It was a fun ride, and our Journeys with Dan Vasser will never be forgotten!


Anonymous said...

I was just checking to see when the new season was due to start and discovered this terrible news. This was the one show I actually looked forward to & I loved Kevin McKidd.

Islander said...

Lots of dead links here. I guess it's all over. :(

Rains said...

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Marty said...

Great show! Never saw it on TV just watcned all 13 episodes on So if you are looking for them you can see them there. It is a shame how great shows like this get cancelled and all the crap stays on TV.


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Annie Wersching in Journeyman said...

I really enjoyed this series, shame it was cancelled so early. Kevin McKidd was great in the role.

Anonymous said...

We need more Journeyman!

Marc B. said...

This show will never leave me, three years later and I still watch it. Every year I stumble upon it and watch the entire season. I'm amazed every time.